Tenda I9 300 Mbps ceiling AP supporting up to 25 clients


Tenda I9 300 Mbps ceiling AP supporting up to 25 clients


Adopt the world anvanced chip, with high performance memory and CPU, guarantee
the wireless network stability.With two high gain omni-directional antennas,
2X2 MIMO technology, which greatly improves the wireless speed and coverage.With
radio frequency coverage optimization technology, effectively enhance the strength
of the signal and penetrating power,In the indoor multi-occlusive environment,
the signal coverage has no dead Angle, and it can be stabilized to cover 4-6 hotel
rooms within 300 square meters by the actual measurement of several hotels.

Through the built-in multiple anti-interference technology, which can automatically
choose the optimal channel, greatly reduced the same frequency interference and
other electromagnetic interference, which improve the quality of the wireless signal,
make the wireless network is more stable.

Compared with the single power supply mode of other products, i9 supports POE power
supply and DC power supply. You can choose according to the actual situation, the
deployment is simpler and the construction is more convenient.

It adopted multi-ssid design to support VLAN and SSID binding. According to the
connection to different SSID, it can distinguish the internet access and data
access rights which protect network data security.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 5 cm